Royal Mouldings ProductsWe use only the best quality materials for our customers! Royal Mouldings has developed the following quality Cellular Vinyl products. And at the bottom Sherwin-Williams paints are excellent and last a long time.

Exterior Moulding Products

Thermo-Stop II is ideal for sealing around the garage door and windows. It is a unique combination doorstop and soft vinyl weather strip. The bond is so tough that in normal use it will not pull apart. When a door or window is opened, the weather strip rides easily over the ridges and imperfections without losing its seal.
Thermo-Systems is a three profile system incorporating Cellular Vinyl replacement for jamb, stop and brick mold on your garage and utility door they are No Rot ® replacements and are maintenance free.
Pro-Series No Rot® Exterior Mouldings are indeed a Millwork revolution. No builder or contractor call backs due to rot or performance. Homeowners can relax with Pro Series® Exterior Mouldings protecting their investment. Royal provides a complete selection of Cellular Vinyl ® profiles to permanently replace wood.

Window and Door Systems

Royal Mouldings developed the Quick Trimtm Bendable Window Component System. The components are made from a Royal custom blended PVC. Expansion and contraction are minimized while providing superior energy efficiency, and virtually no maintenance. Quick Trimtm is a No Rot® system. Create custom round tops, ovals, ellipticals, octagons and circles with no laminations.

All Pro Sash® components are made from custom blended PVC to minimize expansion and contraction. They combine to provide superior energy efficiency and a no maintenance, No Rot® window. AAMA Certified Linear Profiles.

The advantages and benefits of Cellular Vinyl:

  • No Rot®
  • "No Hassle" Maintenance
  • Will not crack, split or warp
  • NO Insert Damage
  • Cold Nailing Capabilities
  • More energy efficient
  • 62% more than wood
  • 1600% more than aluminum
Pro Frame and Door Components.

The Industry’s only totally No Rot exterior door system

All Cellular Vinyl and composite entry frame

Sherwin-Williams Exterior Paint

Duration® Exterior Latex Coating

SW's advanced exterior formula features PermaLast® technology for the most durable, longest-lasting exterior coating available for resisting peeling and blistering.


  • One-coat, self-priming performance on repaints, two coats on new work
  • Superior hide
  • Thicker, more flexible coating
  • Maximum resistance to blistering and peeling
  • Guaranteed to last (see label for warranty information)
SuperPaint® Exterior Latex Paint

Advanced resin technology means better adhesion, durability and color retention. Apply even if temperatures are as low as 35°


  • A high-quality exterior finish
  • Resists peeling, blistering, fading and chalking
  • Low-temp formula means you can apply the Flat, Satin or
    Gloss in temperatures as low as 35° F
  • Designed for aluminum and vinyl siding; wood siding; clapboard;
    shakes and shingles; plywood; masonry; and metal
A-100® Exterior Paint

Get better adhesion, durability and color retention with our advanced resin technology. Low-temp formula — apply even if temperatures are as low as 35° F


  • 100% acrylic latex formula designed for exterior use
  • Better adhesion, durability and color retention
  • Low-temp formula means you can apply in temperatures as low as 35° Fahrenheit
  • Recommended for wood, vinyl or aluminum siding; clapboard;
    shakes; shingles; plywood; masonry; and metal

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